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my finger is on the button: atherys: my finger is on the button: atherys: my finger is on the…



my finger is on the button: atherys: my finger is on the button: homestuck one piece…


my finger is on the button: homestuck one piece crossover




why has no one done it yet


I’m afraid…

Oh my god yes you are officially brilliant

(and everyone is praying Nepeta never gets any kind of power related to controlling people’s thoughts/actions/emotions because shipping))

Is Equius a marine too? nepeta’d follow karkat whether it’s to the revulutionaries or the pirates and equius would be so pissed off

i can’t stop seeing eridan as some kind of mix between sanji and usopp

What the fuck is Aradia doing anyways
Wait she’d be looking for those stones-whose-english-names-i-dont-know-either-wow-translations-makes-things-complicated wouldn’t she

Rose would-
what the fuck would Rose do

Nope Nepeta and Equius are both marines, equius is the super serious guys who believes the Government is Kind and Just and can’t accept any evidence otherwise until it’s smacking him in the face

Nepeta thinks there’s a Forbidden Romansu going on between her and Karkat… Karkat is either oblivious or thinks it’s awkward as fuck

She’s like if Tashigi were a girly moe powerhouse

She probaby has a Cat Zoan, mode = some ridiculously powerful and ferocious feline

Yes, eridan = sanji + usopp

Aradia is after the poneglyphs

She’s Karkat’s contact among the revolutionaries

she shows up, tells him something suitably mysterious and then goes away to do her own thing

highest bounty among the whole lot of them

dude yes

aradia should have some awesome devil fruit power like… fossil-fossil fruit, she can animate stone, she has like pet dinosaur skeletons and stuff

and tavros has his doubts about the government but he won’t quit the marines because he’s grateful to equius for building him his cyborg legs, and also he feels it’s his duty to catch vriska

karkat wants to be pirate king because everyone else is DOING IT WRONG. john doesn’t particularly want to but everyone else is doing it and piracy is more fun if you have a big dream.

roxy ate the tipsy-tipsy fruit and can turn anything she touches to alcohol.

man i wish i could draw in oda’s style, their pirate costumes would be so rad.

God yes Aradia is awesome and okay Poneglyphs, that’s the name, thank you
And Nepeta aaahhhhh

(so basically john is just doing what everyone else is doing
…yeah that’s pretty much accurate)

Can’t decide whether Jake would find piracy or justice more aweso- wait Vriska’d be a pirate and she’s apparently blue and stuff so that’s that I guess

for some reason I can’t stop thinking that Dave can’t swim
and it’s not because he’s eaten a devil fruit or anything he just can’t
and he refuses to learn because it’s pretty damn ironic to spend every single day on the sea and still not being able to

Does Jade have to have a zoan fruit? is Davesprite a thing and how

I need to fit Kanaya and Dirk and Rose into this somehow halp I don’t know what to do with them

are there any other people we haven’t mentioned

Jane, right
troll ancestors? are those included + are they Aranea-Meenah squad or Mindfang-Condesce squad

dude EVERYONE is in this because why the hell not?

i’m still attached to the idea of the alpha+beta kids being an all-siblings pirate crew together. the flag of the Double Trouble pirates is TWO skulls and a crossbones.

john is the captain, naturally. ‘hurricane john’ is the BEST pirate captain name. jane is the ship’s cook, and fights with cooking implements. giant ladle attack!

‘grimdark rose’ lalonde doesn’t need devil fruit powers, she has black magic. ‘party girl roxy’ lalonde can turn anything she touches into alcohol. including your blood.

the strider brothers are awesome even without powers, but the scratch-scratch fruit is too good to pass up. dirk is the ship’s engineer. i bet their ship is riddled with cool cyber widgets. and huge speakers.

jake and jade are crack shots, and got strong from a childhood of adventuring, but perhaps jade also has zoan powers, just cuz she’s so dang cute with dog ears. :D

I dont know if anyone has said this yet….

But Sollux would have the biggest hard on for that crew.  TWO OF EVERYTHING.


omg he so would. he’d tease karkat by threatening to go join them instead. :DDD

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    Karkat would have a similar, though not as blatant, boner because of his closeted twincest fantasies.
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    sorry I need this on my dash again because it is the best thing ever and I am almost going to cry because MY BABIES
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    hell yes! ship sollux with EVERYTHING.
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    I hope this becoms a thing, really hope this becomes a thing because… just because this is awesome.
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    "sink ships with the power of dubstep." My mind has just been blown. I am weeping because I have not the influence,...
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    Jade and Jake would have Ace and Luffy’s childhood. Just thrown out in the middle of nowhere amd expected to survive...
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    I dont know if anyone has said this yet…. But Sollux would have the biggest hard on for that crew. TWO OF EVERYTHING....
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    all I have to say to this is yes also my belly is full and my brain is slow can’t think of anything to add
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    Maybe she has a dog that ate the fruit that allows for teleportation? And, to be silly, maybe Roxy has some sort of...