knight of wang
how to keep writing even when you have writer’s block
  1. do some activity with a built-in timer, like watching a tv series.
  2. at every break, like after every episode, write at least 100 words. don’t concern yourself with quality at all.
  3. when you notice you’ve written enough words, stop, even if you think you could keep going. finish the sentence or paragraph or whatever, but don’t push.
  4. continue to do this daily.
  5. if feedback gets your motor running, show your work to someone, but either offset your posting by a few days or only show someone close to you. don’t let the internet’s opinion be your motivator.
  6. when your writey starts to come back, it will come in fits and starts. continue the exercise. continue to not push.
  7. only when the word fountain starts to gush instead of trickle should you discontinue the exercise.

i developed this plan by applying ideas from my physical therapy to my writing, and it seems to be working. if you’re blocked, there’s a reason for it, whether you know it or not. maybe it’s just fear, but if you’ve done a fair bit of writing before, chances are it’s not! chances are you’re tired, or stressed, or distracted, or your subconscious is working on something big, and if you start a war with yourself over it you’re going to have a hell of a time getting back on track.

so treat writer’s block like a sports injury, and be gentle and persistent about keeping flexible while it heals. it’s working for me so far.

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