knight of wang
thanks for the cool names, guys, but

i should’ve specified. i’m looking for a supervillain name, not a regular one.

you know, like Mister Freeze or Magneto. but thought up by a nerd with no public relations skills. :D

  1. frizzycrls said: Doctor Superia?
  2. kisskissbigbang said: Doctor Proctor. Lady Latex. Miss Anthrope.
  3. solarpillar said: How about The Eccentric Velociraptor? It’s gender-neutral too. And free of any form of discrimination… except maybe a possibly insult towards the velociraptors.
  4. isleofconclusions said: Master “I have a phD” Meliorate, Doc Renaissance, the Transmogrifier?
  5. lyragoblin said: What is her chosen method of super-villainy? Computers? Mechanics? Politics? Bio-technology? Chemical Warfare? That might factor into the name.
  6. ferretxilla said: Douchequeen McEvil
  7. coyotetrash said: does she have any powers? what does she do?
  8. elementalsight said: Doctor Destruction, Miss/Ms/Miz Misanthropy, The Cold Calculator
  9. lostsometime said: maybe like Doctor Neutrina or something cheesy like that?
  10. gcterezi said: Well, Dr. Horrible is taken… What about ‘Mistress Mischief’ or something trite and adorably sinister?
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