knight of wang
i wish i could remember what i dreamed.



i know it was epic. it involved either gods or superheroes or both. i could fly; there were buildings cracked in half. aftermath of some kind. everything was so quiet it freaked me out. also i had a robot companion i loved but didn’t trust. and i think the part of ‘me’ might have been played by hugh jackman?

i know there was a really deep and interesting plot going on because my brain’s been subconsciously trying to go back to it ever since i woke up, but i can’t for the life of me remember what it was. sigh. :/

I wish I had a cool dream :( Mine was about having a mental collapse and running around someone’s backyard naked and making animal noises and someone taking a picture.

Also we went to pick strawberries and when we got in the berries were all rotten and then a bunch of bloated corpses turned up in the field and i accidentally touched one that was partially buried and then I licked my finger by mistake :(

I’m GLAD I’m awake even though I’m tired as fuck. Screw you subconscious.

ugh. let’s go to my dream instead. i think gods had declared war on humanity, but at least i was hugh jackman. you wanna be my robot companion? i think he was jeremy renner.

  1. alchemie76 said: huh… all I dreamed about was Punky Brewster. :\